We're a tribe of grassroots strategists, technologists, and change makers working to combat misinformation and underrepresentation in America.

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Definition of Vngle

Our Team

Blake Stoner

Founder & Chief Reporter

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Shweta Jain

Research & Development

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Jaime Fernandez

Strategic Partnerships

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Alex Rhodd

Data & Digital Forensics

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Kenneth Chen

Technology Lead

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Marcus Figueiredo


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Devante "Don" Griffin

Special Operations

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Majestic Gay

Collegiate Reporting Lead

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The concept of Vngle was born in Ferguson, Missouri

Vngle is a response to growing misinformation and underrepresentation that's plaguing so much of America.

Our origin is rooted in grassroots work and seeing the systemic problems local communities face. This work started in Ferguson, MO, where social injustice is real but goes incredibly underreported. Ferguson like so many other underrepresented cities is a news desert, a place that gets little to no original reporting. Today, over 64% of America, millions of people, do not get daily original news on their area. These areas are where misinformation grows the most.

We started Vngle to address these critical issues through empowering communities to bring various angles verified local news to their area.