Reflection on MLK50

50 years ago, Dr. King was assassinated on this balcony. Yet, his spirit still echoes throughout our times today. 50 years later, his spirit still brings people together and reminds us that despite inclement circumstances, change is possible. Let us consider King’s example and continue the work of pushing the nation forward. #MLK50

WWAN in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the “City of Dreams” by so many. However, if you talk to the locals of L.A., you might hear a different perspective. Here’s a clip from Blake’s time in Los Angeles for the Where We Are Now campaign.  Please follow @VngleStories on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with[…]


As a kid growing up in Atlanta, Dr. King’s influence was heavy on me. He was the stark reminder that compassionate consideration and persistent effort could make the world a better place. Because of that, #WWAN serves as a tribute to his work. Click here to read my MLK day post where I first talked about my[…]