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The real scoop from real people, sharing their truth on what’s happening.

We bring you authentic on-the-ground perspectives that mainstream media won’t. Our cross-cultural coverage highlights the diverse experiences and realities people face. It puts you in the shoes of people from all walks of life.

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Bringing you “various angles” of coverage through


Cross-Cultural Authenticity

Reporting on stories from all sides of cities to ensure holistic representation.


Credible & Verifiable Transparency

There’s no agenda, just real stories from real people on the communities they love.


Aggregated Vetted Sources

Our reality reporters are vetted and their stories are verified by communities.

How Your Community is Covered

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Local coverage requested

Know something that’s going under reported? Whether it’s a local election, a protest, or just a high school game, Vngle’s got you covered.

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Reality reporters assigned

After a request is accepted, we match it with a local reality reporter based on their location and area of expertise.

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Stories captured + circulated

After a story is captured, it’s made public and distributed across its home community and any others that would benefit from the information.

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