What is Vngle?

An outlet for documenting “various angles” of culture across America. 

Our mission: To help strengthen America’s union by highlighting regional and local stories that go underrepresented.

Vngle serves as a medium to understand different views on life in the United States from region to region.



Our work is a response to the rising polarization in America.

It all started with this guy:

Blake Stoner

Blake is from Atlanta, Georgia and cares about making society better. He started Vngle, to show different perspectives on life and culture in America from region to region.

This all started from a voter registration trip to Ferguson, MO. 

In going door to door, Blake began asking locals of Ferguson what it was like to live in the city. Blake found many of their experiences shocking. Their stories revealed that the conditions of the city had deeper roots that the broader public had not been exposed to. Then Blake began to wonder why so many of their stories were underrepresented. That lead to the question: are local communities all over America underrepresented? 

That curiosity started Blake on a quest to reveal other lesser-known perspectives across America. In being faced with so much social unrest in America, Blake started the [Where We Are Now] documentary series to highlight America’s culture from different regional points of view, and create public conversation around the real conditions that persist in communities around America.

“I ask for your support in sharing this work and helping Vngle to become a safe haven for collective consideration and national togetherness.”

-Blake Stoner

Contact: blake@vngle.com