Cities across America have so much going on right now. 

Vngle exists to help people navigate it all through “various angles” of on-the-ground grassroots coverage.



Vngle is a grassroots news organization focused on helping communities tell their stories. 

We create tools for rebels (aka citizen-journalists) who want to share the real stories going on in communities across America. 

Through partnering with citizens based on where they reside, we serve as a grassroots media alliance focused on capturing community culture
from  different perspectives rather than single narratives.  




Our work is a response to the rising polarization in America.

It all started with this guy:

Blake Stoner

Vngle’s concept was born from a voter registration trip to Ferguson, MO. 

In going door to door, Blake began asking locals of Ferguson what it was like to live in the city and he found many of their experiences shocking. 

Their stories revealed that the conditions of the city had deeper roots than the broader public had not been exposed to.

That led Blake to wonder why so many of their stories were unheard, and if local communities across America were underrepresented too.  


That curiosity led to Vngle. 

In being faced with so much social unrest in America, the [Where We Are Now] docuseries was started to jumpstart our operations by highlighting America’s cross-cultural conditions through the point of view of citizens across the country.

“I ask for your support in sharing this work and helping Vngle to become a safe haven for collective consideration and national togetherness.”
-Blake Stoner

Contact: blake@vngle.com