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Your city + our grassroots operations: let’s create deeper connection and representation for your area.

City of Atlanta, GA

Substantive local impact comes from grassroots up approaches, not top down thinking. Whether it's in business, politics, or any field, organizations must stay in touch with locals to avoid blind spots in their decisions.

We help organizations overcome local echo chambers to view the needs of communities and build an authentic presence among them.

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Our local services


Get organic grassroots video content curated for the local communities you target.

Our coverage helps organizations stay connected and build their presence in the cities they care about. We can work with your media team or you can outsource your media needs to us and we’ll create an engaging grassroots content strategy to help you stay connected to, and have a presence among the people you seek to serve.

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Get a wave of on-demand grassroots direct community engagement support.

Through Engage, Vngle keeps your finger on the pulse of the shifting environment around your local area. Think of us as your localized census service: we craft and deploy strategic field plans to reach local areas directly to gain or relay updated information.

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Get research and consultation on how to address unique concerns that matter most to your city.

With Vngle Insights, we listen carefully to your city to ensure everyone’s voices are heard, to get you the data needed to make the best decisions. Our insights make you aware of the matters that are important to constituents. We offer you our grassroots knowledge from working across 21+ cities to give you an advantage in devising positive strategies to address your current challenges.

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Why do I need Vngle for Cities?

True grassroots engagement by leaders is a necessity in the fast changing world we live in. In order to adapt to an ever-changing landscape, leaders must keep their finger on the pulse of whatever environment they may find themselves in. Our team can help you do that.

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