[Where We Are Now]

[Where We Are Now] 
a campaign to highlight the culture of America and how it has changed from region to region. #WWAN

Today, the United States of America is in a new era of polarization. There is much debate over national issues, but a lesser focus on the reality of local affairs. Because of that, many regional concerns are overlooked and buried by incessant media buzz.

The truth is, America is only as great as the lump sum of all its parts. To understand America holistically, the nation must be viewed from various perspectives to know Where We Are Now as a country. In doing this, common threads can be found that connect people to the overarching culture of this nation.

[Where We Are Now] is a cross-cultural initiative to explore the current state of America from local points of view. This campaign will feature current perspectives in cities across the nation while highlighting how far we’ve come as a nation and how far we still have to go. The intent is to create an impartial production that gives common consideration to the conditions of America while serving as a beacon for national care and concern.

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