What’s is Vngle?

A social vlog to view “various angles” around America

Blake Stoner

Vngle is my response to social conditions in America.

My name is Blake Stoner and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I care about finding ways to make society better. You could say it’s one of my innate passions. Because of this, I strive to confront our collective circumstances by understanding where we are as a nation through different perspectives.

This sense of conscience started budding when I was younger, most likely from the influence of my grandfather, who was a former Freedom Rider. However, this consciousness became concrete during my time in college, specifically after my visit to Ferguson, Missouri. I went there to do my part and help after the death of Mike Brown, however, I left with a new realization.

From talking to the community members of Ferguson, I began to recognize that their stories were underrepresented. Many of their perspectives were shocking and made me realize that the conditions of the city had deeper roots that the broader public had not been exposed to. Soon after, I began wondering about other lesser-known perspectives across America. 

In the midst of so much social unrest in our nation, I’ve decided to follow that curiosity. Along with pursuing my master’s in Strategic Communication at Columbia University, I will travel and explore our social conditions around the nation in order to understand Where We Are Now through various local contexts.

I believe that every community has a story to share. I see that it’s important for people to share regional viewpoints in order to create a more aware society. In doing so, I believe the sharing of lesser known perspectives will help reveal the roots to our ingrained problems as a nation.

I ask for your support in sharing this work and helping Vngle to become a safe haven for collective consideration and national togetherness.


Contact: blake@vngle.com