Brooklyn, Gentrification + Rides

Screen Shot 2019 02 09 at 10.47.25 AM - Brooklyn, Gentrification + Rides

Brooklyn, New York has changed quite a lot over the last few years.

Like many other cities changing around the country, gentrification has become a common word around the borough. Because of that, we spent some time exploring Brooklyn to find the only part that gentrification hasn’t really hit: East New York

In East New York you can see a lot of things…like someone getting “stomped out” at the park. These siblings speak on how their days at the park shaped them.

‘East New York is the only part that hasn’t been fully gentrified yet.’ A sister & brother talks on how their part of Brooklyn has maintained its identity.


Bonus: Take a peek into Brooklyn’s Coney Island. 🎡
A beach, amusement park and an overall good time.

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